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The senior school is co-educational and academically non-selective, with the same nurturing ethos on which we pride ourselves at Fulham Prep School. Ultimately, we aim to equip our young men and women to be committed, considerate and courteous; ready to fulfil their potential both personally and academically.

The idea for Fulham Senior School was born out of a clear need for a new senior school in Fulham – and after talking to our current parents, it was apparent that many were keen to see their children progress from prep to senior school with a seamless transition and continuity in their care and provision.   Not only will the school be available to children already attending our preparatory school, but we will also be welcoming new students on a non-selective basis.

The child is at the heart of our thinking; preparing them to be successful, individuals who will make a positive contribution to the world in which they will live. A broad intake means that from an early age children learn to work in teams that have a variety and depth of skill sets; children are encouraged to make their contributions where their strengths lie and to recognise the abilities and contributions of others. In this way a synergy is reached and the wider world can benefit. Our young people must learn to work hard in order to meet the demands of modern life, but also to balance their endeavours so that time is taken for play, enjoyment and personal fulfilment.

Continuing with our longstanding ethos above, our admission process will take a holistic approach that will incorporate online test results, a reference from the pupil’s current Head, and interviews with pupils and parents. We will provide an education which celebrates the diverse skills and aptitudes of all our pupils in London and maximises the benefits of enabling them to interact and learn from each other.

If you would like to visit and meet the staff, please use the contact form below.

Neil Brooks


In Year 9 the curriculum is deliberately kept broad, in order to allow options to be kept open as long as possible, and it is academic in order to stretch and challenge intelligent and enquiring minds.  We see this year as a foundation for the GCSE subjects, many of which have grown in content with the introduction of the new curriculum.

Teaching is varied and adapted to the learning requirements of the pupils. Teaching and learning are regularly reviewed to encompass new practice and current educational thinking.  These principles embedded in Year 7 & 8 continue in Year 9, which is very much seen as a time for pupils to settle into routines and expectations of a senior school.

Whilst the curriculum and the examinations are academically demanding and require commitment throughout the three years, appropriate teaching and pastoral support will be provided to the pupils to encourage them to achieve excellence at their own pace and at their own level.  Guidance and tutoring will be in place for each child. Children are challenged, supported and encouraged to achieve excellence at their own pace and at their own level.  Targets are given that will lead them towards success at GCSE and onwards through their A-Levels.


We expect our pupils to maintain their best efforts to produce a high standard of work and contribute positively in the classroom and participate fully in school life. We track the progress of each student and work closely with them and their parents to provide the level of support for their individual needs.

We will ensure that, as well as the best possible qualifications, our pupils leave us equipped with the enterprise skills that they will need for the future which will enable them: to work independently; organise themselves effectively; research, analyse and evaluate; communicate and debate with one another.

A great deal of care is taken by the tutor teams to make sure that each pupil prepares a comprehensive and accurate personal statement for the UCAS application and that each pupil is applying for a course, university, drama school, music or art college which fits their needs.

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